Word On The Curb..Webbie had to be carried out of a club this weekend after he stumbled off stage following what appears to be a medical emergency … and the scary moment is on video.

The Louisiana rapper was performing Friday night at 213 Lux Lounge in Roanoke, VA — and at some point during his concert (or perhaps shortly thereafter) he was caught on camera looking ill and being led out of the building by his team … staggering along the way.

Right before that, he seemed fine … playing to a packed crowd and having level footing with seemingly no issues.

That makes this clip all the more alarming … you see Webbie struggling to stay on his feet as he starts to exit the stage and reaching out for assistance — but before he can clear the doorway, the guy collapses on the floor.

His guys surround him and they appear to start calling for help and for someone to dial 911. Before long, though, they hoist Webbie up themselves and carry him out of the building … this as people looked on in fear, and while someone else was on stage rapping.

It’s unclear what exactly happened to him here — some are speculating it may have been a seizure of some sort, but we haven’t confirmed that. It’s unclear where he was taken after this … presumably, his team rushed him to the hospital — because this looked serious.

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