Watch Porsha Williams Refuse To Discuss A Prenup With Dennis McKinley

In a preview of an upcoming episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, things get tense between Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley when trying to discuss a prenuptial agreement.

Dennis was stressing the importance of a prenuptial agreement but Porsha insisted, “We got a long road and that is not one of the first things on our road.”

Dennis retorted with, “We need to get a prenup because you threw me out of your crib. That’s a perfect example of what prenups are for. You made it clear — what’s your sh*t, is your sh*t.”

Porsha quickly walked away, saying, “You being mean tonight. You being very mean and I don’t know why you are being mean so I’m going to let you be mean by yourself.”

She then stormed out of the kitchen, taking all of the fresh baked cookies with her. See the preview here

Dennis and Porsha’s relationship has been up and down and it’s not clear if they are still marrying. In January,  she said on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live

“You know, we’re working on our relationship. I think every relationship is a work in progress. We have a daughter together and just pray for us, you pray for yourselves just add us in there.”

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