Waka Flocka Flame believes there were clear racial motives behind Gabrielle Union‘s ‘AGT’ firing, and says it’s now on the black community to stop supporting companies that have problems with the culture.

Gabrielle’s feud with ‘AGT’ is striking a chord with Waka, and he unloaded when we got him in Atlanta — telling us he’s proud of Gabrielle for speaking out about what was allegedly going down at ‘AGT.’

As you know … Gabrielle feels she was given the boot because she complained to NBC and ‘AGT’ producers about racially insensitive situations on set — including producers giving her excessive notes about her hair, wardrobe and physical appearance.

Waka says Gabby’s a role model — because black people in similar situations need to push back and stand up for themselves when someone asks them to change who they are.

Gabrielle also had issues with Jay Leno joking about Koreans eating dogs while he was guest judging. Jay won’t say if the joke is racist, and has been mostly mum on the whole controversy.

We ask Waka if we’re living in a society that treats racism as a joke, and he says anyone over 40 who is still acting racist is “f***ed up,” and needs to stop teaching racism to younger generations.

Pretty fascinating conversation, and Waka doesn’t hold back at all.

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