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Ray J Is Right When It Comes To LGBTQ Community. Straight Men Needs To Step Up
And Weeeee Doooon’t Caaaaare!

Da Brat says she feels Ray’s comments are a step in the right direction and believes more artists — like Snoop for example — who holds legend status in the biz could help too.

ICYMI … Ray J posted an 11 minute video on IG, calling out straight men for not shouting out folks in the LGBTQ+ enough. In his caption he wrote “GAY PRIDE/ RAY PRIDE!!” and went on to say that the time is now to show more love.

As for Da Brat, who only came out publicly in the last few years, tells us Judy is someone who makes her feel like it’s OK to be free and be herself. She says she never felt stuck with her sexuality, but she was conditioned to keep her dating life private as a celeb.

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