Wait… What… Where Is Kulture…?Cardi B Pulls Up On Nicki Minaj Fan To FIGHT – After Twitter Beef!!

Cardi B pulled up on a Nicki Minaj fan last night in New York City, MTO News has confirmed, after the two started beefing on social media. Cardi was prepared to fight the fan in the middle of a crowded New York City street.

It all started as a back-and-forth between Cardi and Nicki’s fan. The male fan – who is considered a ‘Barb’ – made some slick comments towards Cardi on Twitter, and she went off on dude.

But it didn’t stop there. Cardi then asked for the fan’s location – so that the Bodak Yellow actress can PULL UP.

And amazingly Cardi actually showed up – ready to FIGHT.

Cardi pulled up in an SUV, with a bunch of goons. The female rapper was wearing a robe, and no makeup – and looked like she was ready to scrap.

Here’s a tweet of Cardi, showing her fans that she was at the fan’s location in Midtown Manhattan (she’s since deleted the tweets):

But when Cardi arrived, she realized that the Nicki fan – was actually one of her old acquaintances. It turns out that he was just “trolling” Cardi.

The fan quickly apologized to Cardi, and then Cardi angrily left the location – without any violence.

The fan, who goes by the name John, then posted a series of tweets explaining why he did what he did.

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