Wait… What.. 6-Year-Old Florida Girl Committed To Mental Health Facility For 48 Hours Without Mom’s Consent

The mistreatment of a 6-year-old girl Florida girl is making national headlines. The mother of Nadia King, 6, says her daughter was taken to a mental health facility for 48 hours without consent.

The mom, Martina Falk, told The Florida Times-Union that the kindergartener at Duval County Public Schools was taken to River Point Behavioral Health without her permission under the Baker Act. The Act allows people to be held involuntarily for 72 hours if authorities believe they’re an imminent danger to themselves or others.

Falk also alleges that her daughter was sedated with antipsychotic drugs also without her permission.

I was crying, I was hysterical, I was angry,” Falk told The New York Times. “I don’t think she should have been Baker Acted. Why did they feel this was necessary?”

Footage has surfaced of little Nadia being taken away by authorities and in it, you can hear officers cast doubt on the need to take the child in as they load her into the back of a police car.

She’s been actually very pleasant. Right? Very pleasant,” one unidentified officer can be heard saying to another officer. “I think they’re pushing the button because when I got here, she’s been so cooperative with me.”

The mental health counselor who enacted the Baker act told Falk that Nadia was throwing a tantrum by; “destroying school property, attacking staff, out of control, and running out of school.”

The kindergartner reportedly has ADHD and global developmental delay. Her mom told police that she performs on a 3 or 4-year-old level.

She’ll say, ‘mommy, I don’t want another shot,’” Falk says. “It’s very scary because I’m afraid of what happened to her.”

Ms. Falk is reportedly considering legal action.

 What would YOU do if your child was whisked away to a mental health facility and sedated without your permission???

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