Viral Video Purports To Show Dwyane Wade’s Son Dancing w/ Gun!!

A new video is going viral on social media, and the video purports to show Dwyane Wade’s 11 year old son Zion, dancing with a handgun.

The video first turned up on Twitter, and then was shared all over social media and Youtube.

In the video, a young man is seen dancing while carrying a handgun. At various times during the video, the young man points the gun at the camera.

The video is entitled, “Dwyane Wade’s son Wildin.'” 

While the young man in the video does resetble 11 ear old Zion Wade, it’s not at all clear that it is him in the video.

Dwyane Wade and Zion have been in the news lately, as Dwayne continues to advocate for the LGBTQ community. Dwyane hopes to give them strength to speak out and live free, as he also denounces the “ignorance” of those who are hurtful and attack people they perceive as different.

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