Video Of Alexis Skyy & Ari Fletcher Fight Leaks – Person Stabbed, Guns Drawn!

Social media stars, Ari Fletcher and Alexis Skyy, got into a fight inside an Atlanta recording studio on Monday night, and the explosive altercation between the two ladies nearly turned deadly!

People close to Alexis who tell us that the two ladies started fighting physically, and Alexis was WINNING the battle. Then Ari not wanting to be outdone, allegedly pulled out a weapon to help her cause.

And before long weapons were drawn on both sides, and Ari was nearly SHOT!!!

Ari Fletcher and Alexis Skyy don’t have the best history with each other. The conflict between the two ladies began a few weeks ago when Alexis threw a few subliminals at Ari – suggesting that she “paved the way” for women like Ari Fletcher to succeed. Of course, that did not sit well with Ari who fired back a few virtual punches at Alexis over Twitter.

Ari also seemingly criticized Alexis’ parenting online, saying it was more important to be “a good parent than to be a bad b***h.”

Well, the two ladies ran into each other in Atlanta – and a FIGHT broke out.

According to social media reports, the two ladies fought at a studio in Atlanta around 2:30 A.M. 

And things got EXTREMELY VIOLENT. One online report claims that during the melee, their entourages also got involved. Someone was subsequently stabbed and a gun was drawn. 

The report claims further that authorities were called to the scene and arrests were made.

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