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Is Jaden Smith’s public announcement of his relationship to Tyler credulous enough or is it a part of Publicity stunt?

Son to the renowned actor Will Smith and Jada Pinketh Smith, Jadeth Smith, the 21 year old rapper, singer and actor has quite been in the controversy after he made an open confession about his ongoing relationship with Tyler, the Creator. 28 year old Tyler also happens to be an American Rapper, singer and songwriter.

Last year, Jaden visited a Carnival in Los Angeles, where he took to the stage and went on to proclaim about the relation he shares with Tyler and expressed his love for him. He announced “And I want to tell you guys something,Tylerdoesn’t want to say,butTylers mymother f*****g boyfriend, and he‘s been my mother f*****g boyfriend mywhole f*****g life

A video of this had been circulated, which showed Tyler being in the crowd and chuckling to what he said. Subsequently, Jaden tweeted in his Twitter account saying “Yup@tylerthecreator toldEveryone you can’t deny it now”. To which Tyler had responded with another tweet. But Jaden happened to delete his tweet later.

Jaden had been known for expressing his views on gender and his sexuality, for which he felt the people were unable to get hold of the gender norms. Moreover, Smith’s family has always been under some news, but they are known for hiding their  sexuality. It was rumoured that Will Smith’s first wife abondoned him for having him caught with a man.

Tyler, on the other hand, had earlier been criticized for his albums, which were reflective of the homosexual feelings. one of the lines from the album being  ” I been kissing whiteboys since 2004.” 

Irrespective of his expression, it’s really hard to figure out whether Tyler is being serious or fooling around, taking his public image into consideration. But it is incredulous enough to make a statement on their relationship, whether they are true to their feelings, or its a mere publicity stunt, which celebrities are often engaged in. 

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