Usher Shares First Pic Of Princess Sovereign

Usher Raymond is a proud #girldad and he’s already showing off his newborn baby girl on the gram.

The singer/actor took to Instagram Wednesdayrevealing a shot of him kissing his sweet baby girl’s face. Raymond confirmed what we previously reported, that his little one, whose name is Sovereign Bo, arrived several weeks early as her due date was actually 11/11.

“Happy 11:11 Sovereign … today was the day I thought you would arrive. You had a different plan ♎️ … #Babyknowsbest #Godsplan “Life happens when you’re making other plans.” Is the present a gift or is the present the day? Live every moment. I love what we have, and what made @boogsneffect Te amo mucho

She looks like a little porcelain doll. She doesn’t even look real,” said Ellen DeGeneres, to which the new dad of three joked in response, “You believe that until you have to change her diaper!”

Usher officially announced that little Sovereign had arrived via Instagram on September 30th, just six days after Jennifer gave birth to their new bundle of joy.

“She came out early,” Usher explained to DeGeneres. “She was scheduled to be a Scorpio but decided she had a different plan. Libras, you know, they kinda have their minds made up what they wanna do.”

It’s funny because the umbilical cord was wrapped around her wrists. So she’s pulling the thing, like, ‘Pull me outta here, it’s time to go!’ ” Usher recalled.

The R&B crooner’s partner and Sovereign’s mom, Jennifer Goicoechea also shared a solo shot of their baby girl, draped in a white robe with matching turban and flip flops, sitting in a tiny leopard print chair with a prop laptop.

“Sovë helping me with album credits ??” the music executive captioned her daughter’s photo.

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