Twitter Says Nicole Murphy ‘Aging Badly’ After New Pics Leak!!

Actress and reality star Nicole Murphy is going viral this morning after new pics show a very weathered Nicole heading out for lunch.

Usually Nicole looks young in all her pictures, in both her face and body despite her chronological age, but something’s changed.

First off she recently dyed her hair blonde and is starting to wear more conservative clothes, a sharp contrast from her usual sexy outfits. 

Second, she’s also gotten a few more wrinkles on her skin causing some on Twitter to say that the former runway model – is aging badly.

Here are the pics that is causing all the chatter:

So what could be aging Nicole? Aside from the fact that is nearly impossible for any man or woman to not experience drop off by age 51, stress could also be a factor. Three months ago, Nicole’s mom, Ellen Mitchell, passed away and she made the announcement to her fans and supporters on Instagram. She said:

“Today I lost the most beautiful person in the world to me my mom,” the 51-year-old model wrote on Instagram back in November.

“I love you so much. Thank you for all the beautiful times we had together. Now you can Rest In Peace with Dad. #purelove #mom #dad#youwillbemissed“

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