Twitter Reacts To Steph Curry’s Little Azz Eggplant Photos Leaking Online

First, it was ASAP Rocky, and now Steph Curry is doing damage control over leaked eggplant photos.

The NBA baller has yet to react to the leaking of his private photos online, but ASAP Rocky has since released a statement on Twitter defending himself against trolls on Twitter who are questioning his stroke game. In case you are one of us who regularly checks their Twitter news feed, you would notice that Steph Curry was trending this morning. If you happened to read this article before browsing your news feed, be warned before clicking on Steph Curry’s name. The Golden State Warriors player is currently out for most of the season with a finger injury, so he likely has a lot of time on his hands to type up a speedy response.

Similarly to ASAP Rocky, Steph is getting roasted to a crisp by both male and female fans on Twitter. The weird part about this is that Ayesha Curry is also getting clowned with some fans suggesting that she wished that it was her photos that got leaked. Steph is held to a high standard in and outside of the NBA, so the leaking of these photos came as a huge surprise to some fans.

Steph Curry too might just pull a Shaggy and say, “It Wasn’t Me” but his face is in some of the photos.

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