Twitter Claims That Summer Walker Is A WITCH – It’s Trending!!

R&B singer Summer Walker is being called a “witch” on Twitter, and it’s really taken off. Today #SummerIsAWitch was the #1 trending topic in the world for nearly an hour.

Summer Walker exploded onto the music scene last year, and her album – which was released in January, has already sold millions of units. 

But her rise to prominence has not gone smoothly.

In the past few months, Summer has had a series of run-ins with fans, that didn’t go so well. And yesterday the R&B songstress decided to “cancel’ her current tour because of “anxiety” issues.

Well last night, the singer decided to post a picture from inside her home – where she showed off her “altar.”

Immediately fans of the singer began calling her a witch, and claiming that Summer gained her popularity by using some sort of Black magic spell.

Here’s her altar:

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