True Colors Shinning Thru.. Fans Question Masika Kalysha’s Appearance After She Posts This

Masika Kalysha appears to be fed up with staying in the house in light of the nation’s concerns over the coronavirus. Kalysha, a cast member of “Growing Up Hip Hop,” posted a selfie on Instagram and vented about how the COVID-19 virus is causing her to miss out on her beauty appointments.

Kalysha took an up-close photo of herself wearing her naturally curly hair. The model posed for her glam shot sitting down while showing off her seemingly full eyelashes. She wore a hoodie to cover up her body and sported a neutral lipstick color to enhance her lips.

Kalysha took to the ‘Gram to release her frustration pertaining to the highly contagious virus and how it’s affecting her appearance.”Day 4 of quarantine and chill I need a wig, a lash fill, my brows threaded, my nails done and a wax ? by the end of this all the bad b—-tches gonna look like some real n–gas ?,” she wrote.

Fans allegedly thought that Kalysha looked slightly lighter than usual and took to social media to post their harsh reactions.

“Is she sick? She looks drawn in,” a fan asked.

I thought I scrolled past Michael Jackson,” a second user commented.

A third fan said, “You look white.”

A fourth user wrote, “You look pale.”

“Looking like a whole white lady,” a fifth insinuated.

“You look gorgeous but this filter is a little too much❤️, a sixth fan explained.

While social media users were seemingly dragging Kalysha for her seemingly light appearance, a few of her fans came to her defense and explained that Kalysha has been stuck inside the house for a few days to self-quarantine and therefore, is not receiving any sunlight.

The Khari Barbie Beauty Cosmetics founder has denied the accusations that she bleaches her skin. She revealed to fans that she is just a woman with light skin despite the fact that she looks different in some of her photos. She implied that she does not like the idea of people pitting themselves against each other because of their skin tone.

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