Trifling Whoraaaas Sky Days’ New Boo Is Allegedly the Father of Triplets With Ex-Girlfriend Queen Key

Drama seems to follow the “Black Ink Crew: New York” reality star Sky Days. Apparently in love with her new boo rapper 600 Breezy, the two are caught in the crossfire of rapper Queen Key. 

Queen Key took to her Instagram Live on Thanksgiving to claim that 600 Breezy is the father of her triplets that she has on the way.

During the live video, Queen Key seemed to be displeased with the alleged father of her children. She later took jabs at 600 Breezy’s boo Days via Twitter.

“How tf you gone be a stepmama and couldn’t even take care of yo own kids, Queen Key tweeted. “Can’t have more cause u too d– old lmao Breezy a– betta go play before I shut his whole life down lmao.” 

“My kids will never have a step mam or at least one that couldn’t even take care of they own kids be for real before I hurt cho feelings lmao fr,” she continued. 

“I just hope mfs know they’re not going to be around my babies, just legit sending checks. Mfs better put they money togetha,” Queen Key added. “Lmao, whole couple don’t take care of they kids, lmao!”


Queen Key and 600 Breezy were once in a relationship before the Chicago native started a love affair with Days. 

For those who don’t know, Days has a rocky relationship with her two sons, Genesis and Dessalines. She says she gave her two sons up for adoption because she was too young when she had them. 

A fan asked 600 Breezy is he the father of Queen Key’s triplets in The Shade Room comments, and he responded: “Nope.” 

Fans chimed in on the drama with their thoughts on the situation.

“Keep y’all business, YALL BUSINESS‼️”

“Ghetto drama.”

Dang, I was rooting for you, breezy.” 

Some fans came to Queen Key’s side, believing that 600 Breezy is indeed the father. 

“Ain’t he the one that tweeted ‘damn all I said was get an abortion.’ He’s the father.”

“He wanted her to abort them, that’s why he’s denying it ?.”

“Well, I mean, she does have a point.”

“He know it’s his kids; that’s why he told Key to get a abortion! And Sky need to stay her a** out of it.” 

Days fans came to her aid in the comments, telling Queen Key that she was out of line for mentioning the VH1 star and her kids.

Trifling. sky ain’t get you pregnant ??‍♀️ , you mad at the wrong person.”

“She’s so SALTY.” 

“I hate when people speak on how sky didn’t raise her kids, yeah she didn’t raise them but she did the responsible thing and gave her kids to a family that can provide for them in ways she couldn’t, can’t fault her for making a decision as a mother who knew she couldn’t provide for her kids.” 

“But what does her having these kids have to do with Sky, though? Sky didn’t get her pregnant, so why bring her up? We all know Sky’s past, but to try and belittle her in this situation is hella corny. ? Girl, congratulations.” 

Regardless of the drama, Days has no hard feelings and wishes Queen Key nothing but “a happy and healthy pregnancy,” according to The Shade Room.

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