Trick Daddy No Dollars Gets Into Altercation with A Whoraaaa Outside Club..

Word On The Curb..Trick Daddy No Dollars got into a heated confrontation with a Whoraaaa

Footage surfaced of the “I’m a Thug” rapper getting into an altercation outside of a Miami nightclub on Saturday night (July 10). In the clip, Trick can be seen arguing with the woman after he reportedly paid the $20 club entry fee for her and her friends.

Don’t try me…I do not fu**ing play,” Trick tells her before things escalate. “Who are you?” she says before swinging and landing a punch to his face.

Witnesses tell The Shade Room that Trick reportedly got upset when the woman and her friends decided to end their night without him. Taking to Twitter, she explained her side of the story.

“A ni**a paid my way watched me whole time in the fu**ing club and when we left expected something in return & I was no where near this bitch in the club he was watching a bitch from the other side,” tweeted the licensed nail technician, who admitted to being drunk.

She also lashed out at the 46-year-old rapper, saying she didn’t need him to pay her way. “Lmao Fu**k Trick and fuck whoever else got a fu**ing issue with it. A bitch don’t see that shit. What’s $20 to a bitch that don’t need the shit don’t fu**ing play with me.”

Last month, Trick came under fire after he said Beyoncé “don’t write music and barely can sing.” He also criticized JAY-Z, saying he doesn’t deserve the title of “greatest rapper alive

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