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Tory Lanez has to fork over more bail money after prosecutors say he violated a court order to stay away from Megan Thee Stallion with his surprise appearance at Rolling Loud … but at least he won’t be behind bars.

Lanez was in an L.A. court Monday to learn his fate and he’s gonna have to post a higher bail amount to stay out of jail while his criminal case is pending. The reason — he violated a protective order requiring him to stay clear of Megan.

The judge also modified his bail conditions to specifically prohibit Tory from attending events where his alleged victim, Megan, will be present. The judge also said if this issue comes up again … he will be remanded into custody. So, this was clearly his last warning.

Tory’s bail was increased from $190k to $250k — so he’ll have to throw down a bit more dough to stay free.

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