Comedian Tony Rock says anyone hoping Jay-Z puts in a good word with his new NFL buddies for his old pal, Colin Kaepernick, is wasting their time, because Jay-Z doesn’t care if Kap ever plays again.

NFL QB’s are dropping like $100 million flies, with new job openings popping up in Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, New York and New Orleans all in the last couple of weeks.

People are waiting for Kap to get a call, more so since Jay-Z signed his deal with the league earlier this year.

We got Rock out in L.A. and he said that ain’t gonna happen, telling our camera guy, Hov’s NFL deal was all about Jay-Z and NO ONE ELSE.

“Jay-Z making his money. He doesn’t care about Kaepernick playing no more. He did a deal that’s about himself, it ain’t about Kaepernick.”

Ummm … ouch?

There’s been some criticism of Jay-Z for the deal, with a lot of people believing he sold Kap out. The backlash has died down since the NFL season started, but it’s clear Tony has thoughts.

One thing we know for sure … Tony probably shouldn’t expect an invite to the Roc Nation brunch!

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