Toni Braxton Drops ‘Do It’ Remix with Missy Elliott Just Days After Fans Beg Her to Release New Music

Just last week, fans begged Toni Braxton to release a new single after she shared a photo on Instagram that showed her updating her playlist. Now the “Braxton Family Values” reality star is giving them exactly what they wanted.

The seven-time Grammy Award winner shocked some people on Friday, June 26, when she dropped a remix of her hit single “Do It” featuring Missy Elliot. While the original track contains a slow beat and offers advice to anyone struggling to leave an unhealthy relationship, the latest recording features plenty of fast-paced tempos, thanks to Missy’s verses.

On Sunday, June 28, Toni shared a video on Instagram that showed her singing her new song. The “Living Legend” encouraged fans to stream the single across all digital platforms, revealing that the link to the hit record was located in her bio.

Toni’s single received numerous compliments from fans. One user wrote: “Downloading ASAP!!???????????.” Someone else gushed: “?Flawlessly beautiful and that track is fire Toni!!❤️❤️❤️.”

Missy revealed in a press statement that Toni wanted her to be on the track. “Toni’s team reached out to my manager and asked if I could produce a remix for her next single,” the release said. “They said, ‘Hey if Missy wants to rap on it we would love that too.’ So they sent me the record and my boy Hannon and I, sped the track up to a mid-tempo and re-arranged the music.”

She added, “To be honest, I was scared to send it because anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a huge fan of Toni Braxton! I’ve worked with so many legends. I’ve even worked with Tamar. But I had never worked directly with Toni before. So I thought, what if she hears it and says ‘oh hell nah Missy done messed my record up.’ But thank God when she heard it, she loved it and hear we are! Now I can say I finally worked with the living legend-Ms. Toni Braxton.”

At the beginning of April, Toni signed a record deal with Island Records and released “Do It” to celebrate her accomplishment. The original version of the single landed the No. 5 spot on the Billboard Adult R&B Airplay charts and is already a Top 10 iTunes R&B single.

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