3 thoughts on “Toni B… Get $$$ Bitch

  1. I wish older black women like Toni, who have earned their place in history as a household name would honor their achievements by not deluding themselves into playing a 20-year Instagram stripper game. Just through any advertising deal, brand labeling, distinctive appearance, etc. her money problems would be solved. For example, imagine how much in initial payment and residuals she would earn if she recreated the moment in the white dress on stage singing “Unbreak my heart” for an Estée Lauder Perfume ad, or if she remade part of the music video for “Why do I care” as part of a jewelry commercial (ain’t nothing- I buy my stuff).

  2. Seeing Toni this way, made me sad. Like, what is going on, sis? You out here looking reeeeal thirsty. You mean to tell me that you’ve been reduced to this? You should have stayed with Babyface. He would have kept you classy.

  3. Okay Get ? bitch,but old hoe you got young men you raised, umm guess that don’t matter these days smdh Toni get yo shit together anything to secure the bag?

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