Todd Tucker Reveals He’s Unhappy In Marriage To Kandi Burruss

A new episode of Real Housewives Of Atlantarevealed that Todd Tucker is no longer happy with his marriage to Kandi Burruss, a report from BET recently stated. According to the outlet, Todd claims they’ve been together for six years and he has sacrificed so many things for them to be together.

In a preview clip of the episode, Todd and Kandi head off to counseling to try and fix some of the problems they’ve been having lately. Todd says to his wife in the clip that she has been failing not only him but their entire family.

Tucker said to his counselor that he and Kandi have been so focused on success and achievement that they’ve become more like business partners than lovers. He stated they have nothing but love for each other but haven’t taken the time to express that.

In response, their counselor argues they haven’t been spending enough time together, living in the moment, and both parties nodded their head in agreement. Todd also explained what it was like for him for Kandi to be gone while she pursues an acting career.

Tucker says to her that he totally understands the fact that she’s always on the road trying to make her career take off, but the issue is what she does when she finally gets home. Tucker explained to her that she books all of her free time when finally arrives with “miscellaneous bulls**t”

According to the reality star, to Kandi’s friends, her “little event” may seem important but the biggest priority right now for both of them is their children. Todd added that his son often asks him where she is early in the morning.

While things appear to be going poorly for the pair of reality stars, Ron Collins reported on a post from Todd and Kandi on the 5th of April that showed the opposite. Kandi shared a post in which their daughter posted happy anniversary messages.

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