Tisha Campbell Had A Sweet Argument With Her Son In This Video Because He Found It Hard To Believe She Is African-American

It seems like Tisha Campbell has been dealing with some issues trying to convince her son that she is indeed African-American, as the young boy was confused by her skin complexion, and was not sure what to believe. 

In the end, though, young Ezekiel, who is currently 10, managed to come to terms with the fact that his mother was indeed African-American.

Tisha Campbell even had a video of her argument with the boy, which she was eager to share, silencing any of her followers who have been trying to claim that this might be inappropriate.

The clip painted the whole situation in a humorous light, showing young Ezekiel in complete disbelief as he proclaimed that it was impossible for his mother actually to be African-American. 

However, after some arguing back and forth, the boy came to terms with the truth and has stopped arguing since.

According to Campbell, it still took some time for her to convince the young boy that she was right, and he was treating it as a joke all along.

Ezekiel said: “You’re not African-American!”

When the mother asked the son why he did not believe her, he said: “Because you’re not like my skin, look at my skin!”

She said she told her boy: “We come in an array of colors! But he refused to believe me.”

It is not entirely clear what exactly might have motivated him to finally accept the truth in the end, but the important thing is that he is at least on the same page with his mom regarding her heritage at this point.

How this will affect the young boy in the future is hard to tell, but hopefully, it is not going to do anything strange to his perception of the world.

A person wrote: “Handsome young man. Nothing like a boy and his Mom. he looks like you and your husband.”

One follower said: “I remember growing up, and I used to tell everybody my mom was orange cause she’s the lightest one in our immediate family. She wasn’t light enough for me to think she was white, but she wasn’t dark enough for me to think she was black either so I put her in her own category ? then one day my dad said stop calling your mom orange.”

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