Tisha Campbell Gives An Update On Her New Relationship With Her Long-Lost Sister After Their Tearful Reunion

Tisha Campbell returned as guest co-host of The Real on Wednesday (November 20), and while chopping it up with the ladies, she gave an update on her flourishing relationship with her long-lost sister, Ellen, with whom she reunited on the show a month ago.

As previously reported, Ellen appeared as a guest on the show in October to share her story about being adopted. After explaining that she only learned this news at 50, Campbell, who was also guest hosting that day, dropped the bomb. 

“Well, I know what I would tell my sister,” she told Ellen. “I hope you like me. I’m your sister.”

With more than a month having passed since their reunion, Campbell recently gave an update on where they stand today, and according to her, they’re closer than ever.

“I just gotta say thank you to all of you,” she told the co-hosts. “Allowing me to have that moment, you know. I didn’t know how I was going to do it. But it was the best thing to be able to share that with people. Now, as far as my sister is concerned, we talk all the time!”

The actress added that her other siblings have also gotten close with Ellen since they officially met on the morning talk show.

“My brother — they talk every single day!” she added. “We have already jumped him. There they are — that’s her first mommy! That’s Laverne.”

After Adrienne Houghton commented on how much Ellen and her birth mother, Laverne, resemble each other, Campbell shared a quick story on her first reaction to seeing her on the couch.

“[They look] so much alike! They act alike!” she said. “So when she came onto the couch, you know, and I’m grabbing Tamera [Mowry-Housley’s] hand, like, ‘Hold my hand, hold my hand,’ when I saw her, I was like, ‘Oh my God! She looks like her birth mother! She looks like Laverne!'”

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