TIMBALAND I’M GONNA DROP NEARLY 200 LBS. … After Kicking Opioids!!!

Timbaland’s body is damn near unrecognizable from where he was a couple years ago — and he’s crediting his will power … for keeping him in the gym, and off prescription pills.

Justin Timberlake’s fave mega-producer was on “TMZ Live” Friday, rocking a muscle tee, no less, and showing off his brand new physique. Seriously … the guy’s looking ripped after losing more than 130 pounds.

Tim told us he knew he had to “hit the reset button” when he kept having dreams about how his body should look. He’d also gotten a pre-diabetes diagnosis from doctors … not to mention his addiction to Oxycontin and Percocet.

He got hooked when the pills were prescribed following a root canal. After his experience, Tim says doctors gotta find a better way to help patients cope with pain.

As for his weight loss goals? Tim says he’s still pushing for another 30 to 40 pounds. As he put it, “I wanna be a better me.”

Just watch … it’s a great dose of weekend motivation!

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