Tiffany TI The Police Harris Talks Jay-Z, Jermaine Dupri NFL Dealings..

Black folks have been side-eyeing the crap out of Jay-Z after he got in bed with the NFL for what felt like a shady (and pointless) partnership. Now, T.I. is weighing in on Hov’s decision, as well as Jermaine Dupri‘s choice to partner with the Super Bowl when it was in Atlanta.

But FIRST, in the exclusive Radio One clip the Rhythm + Flow host talks about becoming more involved with the community, saying he’s careful about categorizing himself as an activist … and here’s why:

I’m active, but I’m not an activist. I feel like an activist is more philanthropic. I’m in the for-profit biz. Activists are boots on the ground, they out doing the work, mobilizing, organizing, and sacrificing luxuries for the purpose of the greater good…” he explained.

On Jay-Z and JD, he commented:

You see, at the time, my reason for not rocking with the NFL was because of how I felt they were manipulating the culture. I felt that they knew that Black dollars were important. Therefore, they came to Atlanta and I felt like they went all the wrong places and did all the wrong things to encourage the Black dollar at that moment in time. I feel like it wasn’t enough fair representation. JD was a good go, but I felt like it came after the slight — after I feel like we’d already been slighted — so, you know, he took a hard stand at it. I didn’t condemn him or criticize him for it. I told him I couldn’t participate. But, I think now that the smoke has cleared, I feel like, for me having that gripe — not being fairly or properly represented — if they go out of their way to find somebody who has an ability to fairly and properly represent the culture in Jay-Z, I can’t complain about that.”

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