Tiffany “New York” Pollard Discusses Sex With Flavor Flav

She sat down with E! News’ Justin Sylvester for the network’s digital series Just the Sip and took a walk down memory lane as she discussed her days on VH1’s Flavor of Love. Tiffany knew that she wanted to capture Flav’s attention, as did the other ladies who were there for the competition. She needed to stand out so she said, “The way I did that was to really, genuinely go after him. Make myself interested in this man, ’cause I was single at the time, so I wasn’t really there for television.”

Justin needed a full explanation from Tiffany about how she made out with Flav because he said he couldn’t wrap his head around the concept. He asked what was it that attracted her to the hip hop icon, and she said, “Honestly, with me, it’s always personality first. I don’t care what you look like. You could look like a hefty bag. As long as your personality is at a 10, that’s so attractive to me.”

We’re not going to give the details on what she said about the size of Flav’s…clock…but when talking about her spin-off reality dating show I Love New York, Tiffany shared that she was quite satisfied with many of the contestants. “They were climbing through my windows at night,” she said. “When the producers go home, they would climb through my windows… I’m like, ‘Damn! They’re already in here.’ Pandora’s box is open.”

With all of that behind her, the single reality star is still remaining hopeful that one day she’ll find true love. “I’m looking for someone who can add to this complete masterpiece,” she said. “I’m on a journey. I don’t need anybody slowing me down, telling me I can’t do this that or the other. I just want someone to grow with and possibly, maybe have a child with.

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