Tiffany Haddish’s Instagram Rant Gets Fans Worried About Her Relationship With Common

Tiffany Haddish has once again launched a social media rant against someone who has allegedly betrayed her. Taking to her Instagram account on Saturday, April 11, she posted a video of a woman stomping away before turning back to express her frustration to the camera.

The video apparently captured her feelings as the comedienne wrote in the caption, “This one for the people that ever talked to me for hours, hung out with me, laid down with me, told me you loved me, you would fight for me…..” Calling the unnamed person “fake a**,” she claimed that the said person “turned around and tried to destroy me.”

But instead of wishing him/her ill, she took the high road as saying, “Well guess what I still Love you from the other side of the universe and I am rubber you are glue everything you say bad about me and everything you try to do to hurt me is Bouncing off of me and sticking to you 10x’s more.”

She went on leaving a message to whoever hurting her as she concluded her post, “Stay strong cause I am as I walk out of your life forever. #f**kusers #don’tgetsick #stillloveyoujustalsohateyou #iamprayingforyou #SHEREADY.”

Reading Tiffany’s message, her fans could not help but sympathize with her. “I’ve always seen Tiffany get so much hate as of lately but it’s been from her own people and I don’t like that,” one person reacted to the post.

Some others were speculating about who has hurt Tiffany, with one guessing that she was talking about her boyfriend Common. “DAMN Common switched up on her ALREADY??? During quarantine!??” the said user wrote.

“Common?” another similarly guessed. “Common left her to be in quarantine by herself! Lol,” someone else predicted, while another passed a judgment on the rapper/actor, “Common is toxic.” Someone else pointed out, “Duh wendy Williamswarned her common isn’t good all his girls have problems with him.”

Some others, on the other hand, thought that it was Wendy Williams who has hurt Tiffany, as the talk show host recently weighed in on her romance with Common. “Probably Wendy?” someone predicted. Wendy said on her “Wendy @ Home” YouTube show on April 8, “Tiffany the thing is, don’t fall too hard in love. Common is not good with women. That’s all I’m saying. He keeps ya, until he’s done with ya.”

Wendy’s advice for Tiffany came after the pair seemingly confirmed that they’re quarantining together as the “Girls’ Trip” star popped up during Common’s video call with Cedric The Entertainer. During their conversation, the funnywoman also revealed that she couldn’t get her birth control shot, hinting that a quarantine baby is possibly on the way. “And because we’ve been on quarantine I can’t get my depo shot, so let’s see what happens!” she told Cedric.

Prior to this, Tiffany also sparked a breakup speculation with Common after she expressed her anger at someone who “used” her on Twitter. “After yesterday I realized today is to show All that hated, ‘Good’ you tried today and I learned that you are a lying peace of s**t & that you never cared about me you used me,” she wrote in March, before warning, “but what you failed to forget about me is I tell IT. Dust off your skeletons! She Ready!”

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