Tiffany Haddish Beaks Up w/ Common – Threatening To Spill Tea!!

Comedian Tiffany Haddish was dating Oscar winning actor Common, but the two split a few weeks ago.

Yesterday Tiffany went on social media, and blasted someone close to her – whom she says “lied to her.” And now many of her fans believe that he actress is talking about her ex Common.

Tiffany lashed out at a person she calls a “hater,” saying, “I learned that you are a lying peace of sh*t & that you never cared about me.” She added, “you used me but what you failed to forget about me is I tell IT.”

While she didn’t mention Common by name – one of Tiffany’s fans mentioned Common in the tweet comments, and Tiffany “liked” the comment.

Tiffany and Common began dating over the summer, and the two were inseparable for the last six months or so. And Tiffany all but admitted to dating the actor/rapper during an interview on the Wendy Williams show.

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