TI: A Doctor Checks My 18 Yr Old Daughter’s Virginity Every Year.. Well Who Checks His Whoraaaa For A Wife’s?!

Rapper TI is coming under fire today, after he made some very controversial remarks about his 18 year old daughter’s virginity on a new podcast.

TI, real name Clifford Harris, got into a discussion about parenting on a new podcast entitled Ladies Like Us with hosts Nazanin and Nadia. TI, who was a guest host yesterday, explained to his co-hosts that he takes his 18 year old daughter Deyjah to the doctor every year – to check and see whether her hymen is intact.

It all started when the ladies asked whether TI has talked with his daughter Deyjah about sex. TI told the ladies, “Not only have we had THE conversation, we have yearly trips to the gynecologist to check her hymen.”

A woman’s hymen is intact until she has vaginal sex for the first time.



Deyjah is currently 18 years old and attends college.

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