This Whoraaaa..Lizzo Says Wearing Makeup Non-Stop Temporarily Warped Her Self-Image: ‘I Got Addicted

Lizzo is doing her best to embrace life in quarantine.

“I feel like I’m doing well,” the hit singer and one of PEOPLE’s Beauties of the Year tells the magazine in this week’s Beautiful Issue. “I feel bad because there’s so many people who weren’t prepared for this. I think that’s been the hardest part for me, is emotionally being tapped in and being so empathetic and feeling for people. There’s a lot of people right now who are going through it and my little problems ain’t nothing compared to theirs.”

For the “Good as Hell” singer, 31, the alone time at home has meant a break from her super fast-paced routine — and usual glam sessions. If there’s a silver lining to being in quarantine, “I think it’s cool that we get the opportunity to turn off,” says the singer. “My dream is to just take off my nails, not wear makeup and just grow my ‘fro out and walk around naked in my own garden.”

She continues, “I think I’ve been in makeup every single day of my life for the last six months. We get addicted to seeing ourselves really dolled up. I had a few days off in Brazil back in February where I wasn’t in makeup and I remember being like, ‘Yo why am I so ugly to myself right now?”

Upon reflection, the ever-positive star realized, “It’s because I got addicted, used to seeing my face with contour. I never thought that would happen because I’m such an earthy bitch, I can go days without makeup!’” And for that reason, she’s pleased with all the bare faces she’s seeing right now, including her own.

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