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K. Michelle has found herself on the receiving end of some heated controversy after she came out with the statement that men are not good people as a whole.

This was prompted by discussions of her past relationship with Mickey “Memphitz” Wright, which was accompanied by a lot of toxic behavior from her partner’s side. 

According to Michelle, it was this relationship that drove her to her current state of mind, one where she cannot trust men and has a skewed perception of them and their motivations in her life.

She went on to explain how, from her perspective, men had no trouble cheating on their partners.

She said this about Memphitz: “I don’t think men are good people. The reason for that is like, for men to do things that they consider small – in the flesh of, like, cheating – you know that that’s going to destroy your partner. But you do it anyway. That’s not a mistake. We’ve watched the same story over and over again

The talented singer and songwriter also threw her son, Chase Bowman, under the bus with: “I don’t wanna raise another one! I’m struggling! He took off with a white girl, and as pro-Black as we are, I get a phone call from my momma like, ‘Chase said he could go on this date with some white girl.’ I said, ‘Okay, okay, we got unity. It’s all good. But I didn’t tell him he could go anywhere! But he ran out of the house, went there, went on his date. You know, I’m just trying to tell him, ‘Wrap it up.’ You know, ‘You a Black person. A Black male. You, my son, but out there, you a Black male. They don’t care nothin’ about you!’ It’s hard to raise a man! It really is hard because I see a lot of women fail their sons – ’cause I dated them! So I don’t want nobody to look at me and say, ‘Who raised that boy?’”

However, her opinion was based on a couple of bad experiences she has had herself. 

Many of Michelle’s fans have pointed out that she is being quite disrespectful towards the millions of other men who are perfectly capable of being in a loving relationship without cheating.

Some have even taken their accusations farther than that, accusing Michelle herself of having issues that attract toxic behavior in her relationships in the first place. 

And while some have pointed out that these comments were going too far, others seem to agree with the idea to some extent.

Michelle seems to have backed off from the spotlight ever since she made the controversial statement, as it has resulted in a lot of backlash against her.

It is obvious that she has been trying to evade the attention right now, but she will likely be back in the limelight sooner or later.

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