This DUMB Bit@h @ Tiffany “New York” Pollard Details Clock-Wearing Sex With Flavor Flav

She also says she has a new man in her life.

Her claim to fame is being one of the dozens of contestants on Flavor of Love, and while it’s been 14 years since the first season, Tiffany Pollard still loves answering questions about her former lover. The Public Enemy rapper linked up with VH1 for four seasons of his reality dating show, and one character that capitalized the most off of her appearance has been the woman he nicknamed “New York.”

Tiffany doesn’t shy away from talking about her romantic tryst with Flav and has openly discussed her bedroom antics with the rapper in the past. The Brunch with Tiffany host recently made an appearance on The Real where she was asked, once again, about her previous relationship with Growing Up Hip Hop New Yorkrapper.

“If I go down memory lane, there’s a lot of emotions involved,” Tiffany said.  “I mean, this is the only man in the house. There was 19 other women. He’s the only guy so I was aggressive for him. So if I was to say if I have any feelings for him now, absolutely not. I’m in love. Not with Flavor Flav.”

When asked if her boyfriend has any of Flav’s characteristics, she did say they had at least one thing in common. “Well, he has a big clock, too,” Tiffany answered suggestively. Jenni Mai chimed in and wanted to know if Flav, who is known for wearing his large costume clocks chains, would don his signature look during sex. Tiffany confirmed that Flav did indeed have different sized clock necklaces and he would wear them “all the time.” Not only that, but she claims the ones he used during their intimate moments would “leave scratches on my chest.” 

Aside from her revelations, Tiffany didn’t give any hints as to who she’s currently dating. Check out her clip below and watch Amanda Seales’ reaction at the end.

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