This?Omari Hardwick: Marrying A White Woman Honors Dr King’s Legacy!! #highnoon

Actor Omari Hardwick, who plays Ghost on the hit Starz show Power made a controversial statement yesterday, about himself and Dr. King.

Omari is married to a white woman – his longtime partner Jennifer. And he decided to honor Dr. King, by showing off his mixed-race marriage.

Here’s what he posted:

While some of Omari’s fans understood what he was trying to say, others thought the comment was misguided and borderline inappropriate.

As one Tweeter user aptly said, interracial marriage was not a core part of Dr. King’s message (or any part for that matter) nor has the rise of interracial marriage done anything to alter the landscape of inequality that Blacks experience in education, employment opportunities, healthcare, within the criminal justice system, or even in stores.

Here are some responses from Twitter:

– I love his wife. She comes very sweet and motivational. But this post… she could’ve posted a pic of them with her kids instead.

– They shoulda saved this post for Loving Day like the rest of the weirdos who really think they’re doing something in IR relationships.

– They both look like fools. Interracial marriage was not at the core of King’s message. And interracial marriage didn’t do a damn thing for the opportunity, wealth, education, wage, healthcare and life expectancy gaps that continue to persist today.

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