The Things Saltines Do For Clout.. Woah Vicky Is Training With Jermell Charles To Prep For Bhad Bhabie Boxing Match

Woah Vicky and Bhad Bhabie’s feud goes back to 2018. Even though things died down a bit for a few months and the majority of us weren’t thinking about it, they came back into the mix recently after they squared up in the studio. The two viral entities are now furthering this whole feud. Bhad Bhabie teased that she’d get in the boxing ring with Woah Vicky for $1M. Although it’s unclear if both of them actually confirmed whether this fight is happening, Woah Vicky is already getting herself ready if it does.

TMZ reports Woah Vicky has enlisted former WBC super welterweight champion Jermell Charlo to train for the match. Footage of her training emerged online and she herself confirmed that she’s ready to throw hands in the ring. “Tag Cry Bhabie tell her to sign the contract! A Puss Ass Ho Could Nevva throw hands wit me,” Vicky wrote on Twitter. She echoed those sentiments in the video.

Apparently, Vicky is actually training and now just doing it for the ‘Gram. She’s hoping that the two can duke it out in June 2020 at the AT&T Stadium. Whether or not that happens is unclear but there’s no doubt that it’ll make headlines.

We’ve yet to hear from Bhad Bhabie since she initially made the offer to take it to the boxing ring. 

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