The Sewer Rats Taken Over The Halfway House..

Ugly Fugly the man behind the City Girls says JT is so focused on cranking out new hits … she went straight to a studio even before hugging her mom when she got outta prison.

We got Pierre Thomas — Quality Control Music cofounder — at LAX and he told our guy he’s expecting big things from the City Girls now that JT is no longer behind bars, and they’re hard at work to prove him right.

Pee says JT and Yung Miami are busy working on their new album, and spoiler alert — he tells us it’s dropping sooner than you’d expect!

TMZ broke the story … JT is living in a halfway house now to complete her prison sentence, and she’s allowed to leave during the day to record music.

You’ll recall … JT went to prison back in June 2018 after turning herself in on fraud charges. It was less than great timing, because as soon as she got locked up … the City Girls started blowing up.

As we told you, Yung Miami threw down $52,000 on some custom diamond jewelry as a coming home present for JT — but Pee says there will be no blowout welcome home party.

According to the boss, playtime is over, and as her mom learned — JT’s all about putting in work now.

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2 thoughts on “The Sewer Rats Taken Over The Halfway House..

  1. I think the City Girls will become the Next Salt and Pepa, I do think that These Girls of Today need to Give Khia More Credit for their artistic styles Like for Instance Saweetie used the Neck my Back Sample it was a decent successful song but The Migos and QC should have reached out to you Khia and had you Feature, It would have only been In Order
    Depends on how long the “Hood Rat” in the club music gone last

  2. to be honest with you I’m not really looking forward to the city girls new music I’m sure it’ll be okay but them single that JT release was not cuz she has no balls and she also has a lot of competition with all of these other new female rappers out that can actually whack I think that she just getting the respect for the cloud but hey I think that the city girls are under a serious contract and you know what that entails

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