‘The Real’ responds to dig from Tamar Braxton on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’

Tamar Braxton reignited a three-year feud with her former “The Real” co-hosts Wednesday, when she went on  “The Wendy Williams Show” and dismissed her ex-coworkers as “catty.”

Williams, 55, also couldn’t resist throwing some shade at “The Real,” calling the rival show “cute” before declaring the show was not as good without Braxton’s help.

“The Real” host Loni Love, 48, shot back just hours later, pointing out that their “cute” program won a Daytime Emmy in 2018, something “The Wendy Williams Show” has yet to accomplish.

“First of all, thank you for calling us a ‘cute’ show. We are also an Emmy-winning show. Don’t forget that,” she said during Wednesday’s episode of her show.

The sniping started when Williams asked Braxton about re-joining “The Real,” from which she was fired in 2016.

The 42-year-old singer replied, “Here’s the thing. I don’t want to be anybody’s marketing tool this season, no shade. I just wish everybody well and I feel like sometimes God has to move you out of situations before you become more toxic to yourself.”

Braxton’s comments — which come three months after her social media apology to “The Real” hosts over the circumstances of her exit —  didn’t sit well with “The Real” co-host Tamera Mowry-Housely.

The 41-year-old former “Sister-Sister” star addressed Braxton’s implication that the women were “catty” behind the scenes, saying, “I have been in the business for over 20 years. And my reputation is not one of cattiness. And I agree with you, Loni, it’s time. It’s time for me to say this. It’s time for women of color to stop putting each other down.”

Mowry-Housely continued, “I’m tired of it. I’m tired of it. It’s unfair. It’s unfair. I worked hard on my character each and every freaking day. And everybody who was close to me knows that truth. What I don’t like is that out there. The falseness.”

Love said that Braxton is still more than welcome to stop by “The Real” and talk about any lingering issues on-air.

“You are still welcome right here too, and every time. It is not a big deal. Seriously, we as black women have to stick together,” she said. “We as women have to stick together. It’s no pettiness. We need to have you come here so we can close the circle.”

She added, “We love you, Tamar. You are a powerhouse. We know you. You know us. That’s all.”

The outspoken host ended the segment denying rumors that she had a hand in Braxton’s firing.

“What people don’t realize is that when we first started doing ‘The Real’ all of us had separate careers. I’ve been trying to do comedy for 15 years. Can you imagine? 15 years. I finally get a show. Then I was ostracized as a bully, the person who got another sister fired. Can you imagine the hurt, after 15 years? Why would I do that?”

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