The Man 50 Cent THREW Table At Finally SPEAKS!!

A little known Haitian rapper from New Jersey named Loui Welli is trying to make a name for himself, after nearly getting knocked out by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. MTO News obtained an interview with the rapper, who explained what he did to 50 Cent to make him blow up.

Louis Wellis has a history with 50. He lives a few miles away from 50 Cent’s New York mansion. And every time he sees 50, he approaches the mogul in an aggressive manner.

The first time, 50 managed to keep his cool, and walk away from Loui. But last weekend, 50 had enough and threw a table at him.

Now Loui is speaking out, and explaining why he has been stalking 50. According to Loui, 50’s associate Jack Thrilla charged the Haitian rapper a bag of money to “end beef” with 50 Cent.

Then, according to Loui, Jack took the bag and never spoke to the Hollywood mogul. So when Loui approached 50 over the weekend, he was under the impression that they were “cool.” Guess not..

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