The Baddest Bassett Hound Say.. Lady Called Me N***** WHEN I TRIED TO CONSOLE HER!!!

Katrina Sourpussie Harbor is dropping a bombshell about that heated Walmart confrontation with a white woman who called her the n-word — the whole thing started with the rapper trying to help a stranger.

The Baddest Bassett Hound was on “TMZ Live” when she revealed what led up to the madness last Friday in a Florida Walmart. Trina says all she did was try to console the woman, who was openly crying in the store.

You have to see Trina break down what happened after she asked the weeping woman if she was okay. As they say, no good deed …

As you know, Sourpuss wasn’t having it after the woman called her “n****r bitch.” TMZ got the video of all hell breaking loose … as Trina fired back at her, but only verbally.

Trina told us she was able to restrain herself and not inflict any physical harm on the woman — which she notes likely would’ve resulted in major legal trouble for herself instead of the mouthy customer.

The only silver lining in this whole mess — Trina said other Walmart shoppers were supportive after the incident, with at least one of them coming up, tearfully, to hug her.

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