Tell It Tisha..Tisha Campbell Cosigns LisaRaye’s ‘Uncensored’ Story

In case you were doubting anything LisaRaye had to say in her latest ‘Uncensored’ interview, Tisha Campbell is letting folks know she’s being 100% truthful. In a video showing her support, Tisha says “I’m so proud of her for being so HONEST”, with an emphasis on the ”honest’ part.

The “Martin” actress seems to be referring to the part of LisaRaye’s story that involves her ex-husbandDuane Martin. Previously we reported that LisaRaye dragged Duane for allegedly bringing thots around her ex-husband, Michael Misick. According to LisaRaye, Duane was eager to impress Misick, Prime Minister of Turks and Caicos, and was willing to betray his friendship with LisaRaye in the process.

She said he brought women to her ex-husband to help him creep around on her, which ultimately lead to their break up. LisaRaye places blame on Misick for being a ‘playboy’ during their union but said was Duane did was unforgivable. Now Duane’s ex-wife has LisaRaye’s back.

Tisha and Duane were married for 22 years does that mean he was creepin’ too? Will she tell his secrets.. Stay Tuned!

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