Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Baby Mama Slams 50 Cent Over Shotti Affair Rumours

In a savage Instagram post, Sara Molina – who shares a young daughter with Tekashi 6ix9ine – dragged 50 Cent after he empathised with the rapper over the rumours surrounding Molina and Shotti.

Sara Molina has hit out at 50 Cent after the rapper appeared to empathise with Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s “snitching” during his highly-publicised court case.

During an interview with Big Boy, the 44-year-old referenced the ongoing rumour that the incarcerated rapper’s ex-manager Shotti had allegedly slept with Sara Molina, the mother of 6ix9ine’s daughter.

“I can identify how he was feeling. When you find out Shotti is sleeping with your baby mama… angry with you enough to kill you… then you don’t want them to get no money,” said Fif.

Both Molina and Shotti have separately denied the allegations, claiming that their relationship has always been purely platonic. And, after 50’s latest comments, Molina has fired back once again.

“You agree with the clown sh*t because you partake in all of it over the internet as well. A whole lotta clown sh*t,” wrote Molina on her Instagram story.

“Please do not speak on my box if I never f*cked you. One that’s weird, two he snitched on everybody including Monster’s brother (Your best friend’s brother Dummy). Man

Sara then posted another message, explaining how the ongoing situation with her ex-partner is affecting her and her daughter.

“I do not have any ill feelings toward my daughter’s father, there are times as a mother that I am angered for my daughter’s sake,” she wrote. “But as a human I feel sad for him and for what he’s choosing to do when he involved himself in all of this.

“I feel sorry for the men as well that made it their job to make sure me and my daughter fine and protected from the situations that my daughter’s father created without thinking twice about us.”

Molina concluded her post, “This is sad. This is not entertainment, this is people’s lives and this is very much real. I prat for peace, and strength for everyone involved.”

6ix9ine is currently on trial after being arrested back in September 2018. Earlier this week, the 23-year-old ‘GUMMO’ rapper testified against former members from the Nine Trey Bloods Gang.

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