TEKASHI 6IX9INE ME, A SNITCH? Already Trollin’ On IG

Tekashi 6ix9ine must be a fan of comedy … and Shaggy, because he’s basically singing “It Wasn’t Me” in response to everyone calling him a snitch. C’mon, man.

The rapper changed his IG profile pic to a claymation version of himself in an orange prison jumpsuit, lounging on a rat trap while devouring a piece of cheese … interpret that as you may.

Seems like he’s just leaning into it, right? But, 6ix9ine also changed his bio line to a question with an obvious answer. He asks, “Why everybody callin me a snitch? I’m missin something…?”

C’mon, man.

We broke the story … a judge released Tekashi from prison early after he made a plea to get out to avoid contracting the coronavirus. 6ix9ine’s now under supervised release in-home incarceration, but is able to return to social media without restrictions.

The rapper’s vowed to avoid starting beefs or trolling people with his regained online access, and so far … he only seems to be trolling himself.

Joking about snitching might not get the best reception, though … remember, several of 69’s former fellow gang members are locked up because he ratted them out.

Tekashi’s on federally supervised probation for the next 5 years … and he’s already giving the feds something to talk about.

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