Tekashi 6ix9ine Has Finally Found One Famous Rapper To Applaud His Decision To Snitch On Everybody Under The Sun

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has lost a good chunk of his reputation when he decided to testify in court, implicating multiple people in being involved in criminal activities and gangs.

And just as expected, many people went up in arms over his decision, claiming that Tekashi had no place to snitch on anyone, and some were even calling for violence against the rainbow-haired rapper.

Not everyone was that critical thought, and some expressed their strong support for Tekashi in what he was going through. 

This became especially prominent once it came to light that he might have to spend the rest of his life in witness protection.

Fellow rapper Akon has recently joined the ranks of those supporting Tekashi in his controversial ordeal. Akon even stated that he would have done the same thing had he been in Tekashi’s situation.

The singer and rapper said the following: “With Tekashi, it’s a little different because he comes from a generation that really didn’t have no moral ethic. I can’t really speak on why he would do that, but most likely, it’s for the obvious reasons. But everyone goes through something in their lives that propels them to do things that they feel are in the best interest of themselves. And I think, you really can’t blame him, if what he’s saying is the truth.”

And even though many expected that this would only serve to draw negativity to him as well, that does not seem to have happened in the end.

Entirely, on the contrary, it looks like some are looking up to Akon as a voice of reason in the whole ordeal, and the rapper has been commended for going against the grain and defending his fellow entertainer. 

Some have also pointed out that Akon could have easily spun the situation around and used it for his gain, but the “Lonely” artist had no such intentions. 

Akon may have been out of the major spotlight for a while now, but he knows how to keep up the good impression he has always made on his fans. 

One fan said this: “I feel like if it was anyone else, they would have done the same thing. Who wants to be in jail for life for what other people did?? Tf

When the controversial rapper is released, he will be enjoying a $10 million record deal.

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