Tekashi 6ix9ine has been out of prison for weeks now, and his baby mama says he’s still ghosting their kid — but he says that’s not what’s going on at all.

The rapper’s ex, Sara Molina, tells TMZ … just like before, Tekashi has shown little to no interest in reconnecting with their daughter, Saraiyah. Sara says she wasn’t expecting him to change out of nowhere, but she’s still disappointed by the radio silence.

She is grateful, however, Tekashi’s mother is actively trying to keep a bond alive with the little girl. Sara says grandma’s been in close contact over the past month or so … coming over to see Saraiyah in-person a number of times.

It’s interesting … Sara says Tekashi, while still incarcerated, reached out to her mother, to set up a neutral location for his mom to meet Saraiyah. That apparently went off without a hitch, but Sara says right before 6ix9ine was set to be released … his mom cut off communication and went off the radar.

So why’s Papa 6ix9ine been M.I.A.? Sources close to the guy tell us the only reason he hasn’t reached out and attempted to connect yet, is because he wants the coronavirus pandemic under control first, as he wants to put his child’s safety first.

We’re also told Tekashi is claiming Sara’s begging to get back with him …  suggesting he’s afraid she’s using their daughter as a ploy to reunite.

That might explain why he’s anxious to get a custody arrangement hammered out in court … according to our Tekashi sources.

For now, Sara says Tekashi’s mom is still welcome to visit her granddaughter — but a daddy-daughter reunion seems to be on the back burner.

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