Teairra Mari Hit With Lien Over 50 Cent $40K Lawsuit

Teairra Mari still hasn’t paid 50 Cent one red cent of the $30,000 plus judgment, and now the rapper has taken out a lien against the reality star.

According to The Blast, they have obtained court documents that he has filed a lien against Mari’s assets and property. “50 Cent has filed a lien against Mari’s assets and property in an attempt to collect on a judgment she refuses to pay.

The documents note Mari hasn’t paid a dime of the $30,000 plus sanctions she was ordered to cough up. He has fired off notices to companies he believes Mari works with demanding they hand over any amount owed to her.’

Earlier this year, Teairra was fined $5,295 in sanctions for refusing to hand over her financial records to help him collect the $30,000 judgement, also according to The Blast. It was also reported that though Mari claims to be “broke,” she reportedly made over $100,000 last year.

If you remember, Teairra sued 50 for reposting a sexually graphic image of her, which was initially reposted by her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad, allegedly. She hired Lisa Bloom to fight the case and held a press conference, which was later dismissed.

50 refuted her claims and said the image was all over Al Gore’s innanet, before he even reposted it. Unfortunately, for the reality star, the judge sided with the rapper and stuck her with his attorney the sum of $30K.

Teairra has had her fair share of troubles. From battling alleged alcoholism, DUI, and a heartbreak woe she could definitely use a break.

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