Tami Roman Spills Tea on Marriage After Clapping Back at Fans for Plastic Surgery Remarks

Tami Roman is clearly unbothered by social media trolls.

The “Basketball Wives” star posted a beauty shot of herself posing with RuPaul’s book “Guru.” The image showed her sporting a gorgeous bright red lipstick with flutter eyelashes and her blond bone-straight tresses. 

Roman wrote in her Instagram caption, “Getting started on #Guru by @rupaulofficial ? What are you reading?”

While a few fans marveled over her beauty, one person in particular criticized her looks and commented, “STOP, with the plastic surgery, you look like one if the KK sisters. Really”

The 49 year old was clearly unfazed by the naysayer’s allegations and hilariously responded, “chile when have I had time to get PLASTIC SURGERY? The way God has blessed me to be booked I can barely fit giving my husband some booty in ??‍♀️

Roman’s fans also jumped to her defense. 

“what the hell is she talking about Tami?! LOL….The KK sisters are looking like us lmao

she looks perfect. Ma’am you seriously have no business talking
You’re like the crusty landlord lady in that movie Friday”

“Why everyone that’s Naturally Beautiful gotta be hit with this LINE????”

“@tamiroman that is the last thing I would say looking at you. Bonnet chronicles with little to know make up=FLAWLESS but best reply I read yet?? give reggie some!”

Speaking of Roman and her husband, Reggie Youngblood, the couple are currently in the talks of surrogacy after undergoing three miscarriages.

He has no children,” the mother of two told Keyshia Cole on Fox Soul last month. “We tried three times. We, unfortunately, suffered three miscarriages. And, you know, now we’re considering a surrogate. You know, something like that. I saw Kandi had somebody have her baby … I said, Oh okay chile, that’s what we doing now? So we got the eggs and we harvested those and now we’re looking for a person to carry.”

Further details about Roman and Youngblood’s surrogacy are unknown. They married in 2018.

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