Tamar Braxton Finally Addresses Rumors That She And Boyfriend David Adefeso Split After Wendy Williams Did This

Tamar Braxton has decided to give her fans an update and some hope about her romance with Nigerian-born businessman David Adefeso.

The singer and reality TV star began dating Adefeso shortly after her divorce from her ex-husband and the father of her son, Vincent Herbert, but recently, she sent fans into a frenzy after she posted a cryptic message hinting at a split.

Braxton took to social media, where she appears to be referencing her relationship of almost two years. 

She wrote: “If they don’t want you.there is no talking. No reasoning. Let it go and let God bring you the one who will be all that you need to accept all of you. Your flaws will not be your weakness, but it will be your strength and attraction to the one that is meant to be in your life.”

After her fans went insane and started bashing Adefeso, Braxton explained that what she wrote was a “typo” and confessed that she is having a great week.

Tamar called the mogul the love of her life and explained: “It was in the middle of the night sis. We all have typos. Calm down. My week is starting off GREAT, and God is too good.”

Williams said that Tamar didn’t answer or call her back, so that was never confirmed. Tamar just called David the love of her life a few hours ago. The blogs were trying to report on something that was never confirmed.”

A second commenter added: “Exactly, she erased all her pictures of him, BUT he didn’t erase ANY of their pictures, they’re still together, they may just want folks to stay out of their business now, but again, they should’ve just kept THEIR lives together private, to begin with, and wouldn’t have to be going through this. When you give folks a glimpse into your life, it may Never be Enough, they may want more than what you’re willing to give, or you may want to keep giving just a tad bit more than you should so the more you give, the more some won’t, so just don’t give and learn to k6some things private. I still think they’re seeing one another and want the public out of their lives now, and this is their way of doing it without trying to hurt her fans’ feelings. Be real and tell them the truth; you now want your love life private.”

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