Tamar Braxton Celebrates Her 43rd Birthday – Fans Are Sending Her The Best Wishes After She Tells Them She’s Depressed

Tamar Braxton is celebrating her 43rd anniversary these days, and her fans are wishing her all the best on social media. The Shade Room shared a few gorgeous videos in order to celebrate the diva.

Here’s what Tamar posted on her Twitter account.

Tamar wrote: ‘On that note, THIS is #StTamarsDay I will rejoice and be glad in it!!! Praise God❤️??’

Tamar also posted: ‘I’m sitting here sobbing. Not because I won an award but because after all, I’ve been through, this is a reminder. Ladies & gentlemen, there is a war going on. Us against our minds. I’ve been depressed 4several days, not knowing why I’m wanting 2quit, wanting 2stop. Don’t! Fight!’

Someone else said: ‘Don’t give up Tay I believe you – you came so far don’t give up now. Like you told Toni don’t quit you don’t quit either. 2020 is just getting started it’s not over yet it’s still more to come so please don’t give up Stay strong Tay love.’

A follower said: ‘I hope your days get better Queen! We’re celebrating you today! Happy St. Tamar’s day!!!’

Someone else said: ‘You gotta keep strong baby?? You’re a fighter and you will get through this like every other obstacle that hit you – God has big plans for you and once you see them you will be granted a sigh of relief! We all love you Tamar and you can always count on us #tamartians.’

One fan said: ‘Hbd Tamar! We love you!IDk what’s happening. I’m normally THE BDAY QUEEN…I’m still trying to get in the spirit..and mine was the 9th. Dec7th our home burned down, was homeless until Jan 30..Feb 6th my Granny passed..and I’m questioning who I am NOW. Idk. I don’t feel like ME.’

In other news, Tamar made headlines in relation to her former friend and colleague, Loni Love. These two have been going back and forth for several years now about the very public firing from The Real.

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