Tamar Braxton Breaks Her Silence After Being Accused Of Not Paying Agents

Tamar Braxton is breaking her silence after being accused of stiffing her agents for commissions connected to her new reality show, and the point is clear — she will bounce back from problems stronger than before!

The ‘Braxton Family Values’ star posted a lengthy statement on Instagram, where she addressed recent ‘pressure’ she has been put under lately and says she will ‘overcome’ the issues in her life. Braxton was sued by Pantheon Talent Group who claims they are owed fees connected to Tamar’s new reality show, ‘Get Ya Life!’

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Things can test me, but they cannot break me. No amount of pressure can stop the energy that’s within me. I am a visionary and will never give in to circumstances. My spirit is resilient. I will always overcome things and bounce back stronger than before. I am stronger, wiser, and more aware. Things can only get better for me. I will imagine something new, better, and greater now! Go get GOD,” she posted on Instagram.

Although Braxton doesn’t specifically mention the ongoing legal situation, it appears she wants her millions of fans to know she is resilient and won’t let anything screw up her recovery. 

There’s More…

Tamar Braxton was sued in Los Angeles County Courts after her agents claimed they weren’t paid after helping her score a new reality show.

According to the legal documents, obtained by The Blast, the company claims Braxton made a whopping $75,000 per episode for her reality show, ‘Get Ya Life,’ and says they are owed 10 percent of each payment. Pantheon claims they have an ‘oral contract’ with the actress and singer and also ‘procured employment’ for her including another show, ‘To Catch A Beautician.’

In the lawsuit, the company accuses Braxton of “inexplicably turning her back on Pantheon and the contributions it made to help propel her career.” They claim she isn’t answering their requests for payment, adding, “instead she has brazenly chosen to flatly ignore” them

Word On The Curb..Tamar blasted producers of her reality show claiming they exploited her issues and put a strain on her family. We broke the story, Braxton was rushed to a hospital after a reported suicide attempt after drinking and taking an unknown amount of prescription medication.

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