Tahiry: Joe Budden BEAT ME … Broke My Nose, Ribs, Threw Me Down Stairs!

Joe Budden is going viral today, after Tahiry exposed alleged abuse during their relationship on a new interview with Hollywood Unlocked.

Word On The Curb…Tahiry explains how her podcaster ex purportedly used to brutally beat her. And she details explicitly all the horrible things that he allegedly did to her.

She explained, “I’ve been beaten before. That relationship left me with a fractured rib, a broken nose . . . and then pushed me down a flight of stairs.”

She added, “I had to talk him into [allowing] me to leave.”

Tahiry continued, “I got woken up by him dragging me by my ankle. I got up of the floor. . . . I became that person that you hear about.”

Tahiry had more to say, “A man will break your spirit before he puts his hands on you. It started with verbal abuse, emotional abuse. Then eventually it turned to [physical.]”

And she wasn’t finished, Tahiry claims that she’s still afraid of Joe Budden.

“I still fear for my safety, because he hurt me bad.”

“He went to the doctor with me . . . and then he rapped about it.”

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