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Dwayne Wade made news last year, when his youngest child – born Zaire, came out as transgender. Zaire is now named “Zaya,” and identifies as female, despite having male body parts.

Zaya has a boyfriend. And  the teenage boyfriend appears to be transgender too.

Zaya Wade’s stepmother Gabrielle Union posted a picture of the family – and Zaya has her arm around the new friend.

Zaya’s boyfriend’s name is Hudson. But like Zaya, Hudson appears to be trans too. If the photos on his public IG page are accurate, he appears to have been born with female body parts, but identifies as a male.

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Zaya Wade, 12, makes her red carpet debut weeks after publicly coming out as trans

Just weeks after her famous father, Dwyane Wade, publicly confirmed that she is transgender, 12-year-old Zaya Wade has made her official red carpet debut.

The pre-teen joined her retired NBA star dad and stepmother Gabrielle Union for Saturday’s Truth Awards, which recognizes the black LGBTQ+community and its allies. The family coordinated their outfits by wearing bespoke Richfresh suits in a black, white, pink and kelly green color palette, with Zaya pairing a bold green jacket and blouse with a hot pink sash and clutch.

Zaya — who last month urged supporters to “just be true to yourself” in a heart-to-heart with her dad — prepped for her big red carpet moment by road-testing some runway-worthy poses in a photo shoot at home with Union.

Always us,” the actress wrote on Instagram. “Always.”

Union’s post — which shows Zaya turning the poolside patio into a catwalk of sorts — was met with some transphobic reactions, but got plenty of love, too. Trans activist Janet Mock and actress Tracee Ellis Ross were among those cheering the family on, while one fan praised Union for featuring “two beautiful strong women.”

“It was important for Zaya to be a part of such a beautiful night and reminding her of all the love and support she has,” Union shared in a separate post featuring Wade. “We were moved to tears so many times throughout the night. So much gratitude.”

In another post, she added, “We keep moving forward. We keep leading with love, light, and hope for a better more inclusive world. Stay put and stay mad if you want. We keep it pushing. Always.”

Wade also shared photos from the evening, taking a moment to play proud papa.

“Everyone allow her to re-introduce herself— her name is Zaya Wade!” the former Miami Heat star wrote. “Last night was Zaya’s first red carpet and we couldn’t have been prouder of how she handled the questions that were asked of her. She has emerged as one of the young faces and voices for the LGBTQ+ community.”

Wade’s post drew support from stars like actor Mark Wahlberg and former basketball star Chris Bosh.

Don’t Trust No Nigga, Don’t Trust No Christians…Dwyane Wade’s Trans-Child ‘Zaya’ Sings w/ The Girls Choir At Church!!

Dwyane Wade came out publicly, and told the world that his 12 year old offspring is transgender. Dwyane Wade now refers to the child as his “daughter” Zaya.

And Zaya’s church family consider her to be female as well and had her singing with the church’s girls choir yesterday.

Dwyane and Gabby shared a video of their precious moment on Instagram.

In April 2019, Zaya came out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. The family proudly posted a picture of them all together, and in it Zaya was wearing a crop top and acrylic nails. This immediately sparked attention and criticism from fans and other celebrities online. 

Back in July, Dwyane Wade spoke out against the judgement of his daughter attending Miami Beach Pride. “It’s my job to be their role model, to be their voice in my kids’ lives, to let them know you can conquer the world. So, go and be your amazing self and we’re going to sit back and just love you,” he said. 

The, a few months ago on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Dwyane told the world that his 12-year-old child is transgender. His daughter, who had previously been known as the boy Zion Wade, asked them to call her Zaya Wade, as she was prepared to “live (her) truth.”

Zaya’s mother, Siovaughn Wade-Funchess has not yet weighed in on whether she considers Zaya to be a boy or a girl – or whether she approves of the decisions made made by Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union regarding the rearing of her child. 

50 Cent slammed for joke about Dwyane Wade’s transgender daughter and R. Kelly

The internet is not laughing after 50 Cent made a joke about Dwyane Wade‘s transgender daughter, Zaya.

The “Power” producer shared a meme on Sunday that featured an image of Wade, 38, and R. Kellyduring New York Fashion Week in 2016.

A talk bubble above Kelly reads, “Heard you had a daughter now,” while one above the former NBA star reads, “U touch her I’ll kill ya.”

“LOL NOW THIS SOME FUNNY S–T,” 50 Cent, 44, captioned the post.

Kelly, 53, has been accused of sexually abusingseveral minors. He also faces racketeering, sex-trafficking and bribery charges in Brooklyn federal court and other criminal charges in state courts in Chicago and Minneapolis.

Earlier this month, Wade confirmed his 12-year-old was transgender in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. The former Miami Heat player said Zaya told him and his wife, Gabrielle Union, that she was “ready to live my truth.”

Several of 50 Cent’s followers thought his joke was in poor taste.

One person commented, “Uhm besides the fact that Zaya was brave enough to identify herself, Dwayne also has a little baby girl! So this is wrong on all levels.”

However, there were also several people who commented with crying and laughing emojis.

Wade did not immediately return our request for comment.

Wade and Union, 47, have not yet responded to 50 Cent’s joke on social media.

The couple has been extremely supportive of Zaya’s transition. In a video Union shared, in which she introduced Zaya to the world, Wade asked his daughter, “Even when people are being mean, and even when people are getting hurt because they’re trying to be themselves?”

Zaya responded, “I know it can get tough, definitely, but I think you push through, and you be the best you.”

Dwyane Wade reveals daughter has known she is trans since she was three years old

Dwyane Wade has revealed his daughter Zaya has known she is transgender since she was three years old.

During a recent interview with Good Morning America to promote his upcoming documentary D. Wade: Life Unexpected, the former professional basketball player spoke about how he and his family addressed their daughter opening up about her gender identity.

He explained that 12-year-old Zaya, who was born Zion, has been aware that she is trans since she was a young child.

“She’s known it for nine years,” Wade told GMA co-anchor Robin Roberts. “She’s known since she was three years old.”

When asked by Roberts whether he knew his daughter was trans when she was younger, the 38-year-old said that he “had to check” himself from an early stage.

“I knew early on that I had to ask myself questions,” he recalled.

“I’ve been a person in a locker room that has been a part of the conversation that has said the wrong phrases and the wrong words myself.”

Wade continued, saying that as he has watched Zaya grow over the years, he has had to look in the mirror and ask himself: “Who are you? What are you going to do if your child comes home and says, ‘Dad, I’m not a boy. That I’m a gay boy. Or that I’m a trans girl.’ What are you going to do?”

“And for me, that was my moment of real,” he added.

Wade, who has four children and is married to actor Gabrielle Union, described Zaya as the family’s “leader”.

It was a process for us to sit down with our daughter and find out who she is and what she likes, and not put something on her because as parents, we put our hopes and we put our fears on our kids,” the retired basketball player stated.

“And with Zaya, we decided to listen to her and she’s leading us along this journey.

Wade explained that he and his family feel a duty to “protect each other”, outlining that while they receive “amazing support from some people”, they also “get a lot of hate from people”.

“My daughter was my first interaction when it comes to having to deal with this conversation. And hopefully I’m dealing with it the right way – some people think I’m not,” he said.

“But inside our home we see the smile on our daughter’s face, we see the confidence that she’s able to walk around and be herself, and that’s when you know you’re doing right.”

Earlier this week, rappers Young Thug and Boosie Badazz were heavily condemned for their comments on Zaya’s gender identity.

In a now-deleted tweet, Young Thug misgendered Wade’s daughter, stating: “All I wanna say to dwade son is “GOD DONT MAKE MISTAKES’ but hey live your true self.”

Meanwhile, Boosie Badazz went on a tirade targeted at Zaya in a video posted on Instagram.


Lil Nas X is applauding Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union for supporting their 12-year-old kid who is now identifying as female … and he’s also got some advice for Zaya.

The “Old Town Road” singer, who came out last year, weighed in on Zaya’s big announcement Wednesday at LAX … explaining why it’s important for kids to have parents in their corner when they reveal their truth.

As you know … the NBA legend appeared on “The Ellen Show” Tuesday and told the world his kid identifies as a female after being born male.

Dwyane and Gabrielle are being super supportive of Zaya coming out as transgender, and their oldest son, Zaire, also says he’ll always have his sibling’s back … and Lil Nas X says the family backing is super important for anyone in Zaya’s shoes.

Zaya’s also spoken out against folks who may disagree with her announcement … saying, “What’s the point of being on this earth if you’re gonna try to be someone you’re not? It’s like you’re not even living as yourself, which is like the dumbest concept to me.”

Lil Nas X acknowledges this is just the beginning of Zaya’s new life … and he’s got some sage advice for the challenges ahead.


Throw The Whole Family Away… ZAIRE WADE EMOTIONAL POST ABOUT ZAYA … ‘My Best Friend’

Dwyane Wade’s oldest son, Zaire, is making it crystal clear he will always have his sibling’s back … posting an emotional message to Zaya after coming out as transgender.

The NBA legend appeared on “The Ellen Show” Tuesday and revealed his 12-year-old identified as female … and shared how his family is supporting her.

18-year-old Zaire is now speaking out on the announcement … saying “I have been blessed to have my best friend, Zaya with me for 12 years.”

“We did everything together…we fought, we played, we laughed and we cried. But the one thing we never did was leave each other behind… ”

Zaire continued … “I’ve told you that I would lay my life down to make sure you are ten toes down and happy on this earth.”

“I don’t care what they think Z, you are my best friend and I love you kid, and if it means anything, just know there’s no love lost on this side.”

Zaire’s always been supportive of Zaya … and even went with her to the Miami Pride parade last year.

As for Zaya, she spoke out against those who may disagree with her announcement … saying “What’s the point of being on this earth if you’re gonna try to be someone you’re not? It’s like you’re not even living as yourself, which is like the dumbest concept to me.”

“It’s just like, be true and don’t really care what the stereotypical way of being you is.”


Zaya is speaking out on the announcement … giving advice to those who may be going through similar situations.

What’s the point of being on this earth if you’re gonna try to be someone you’re not? It’s like you’re not even living as yourself, which is like the dumbest concept to me.

“It’s just like, be true and don’t really care what the stereotypical way of being you is.”

She added, “Even through hard times, you gotta push through. It’s worth it when you reach that point of yourself.”

Gabrielle Union posted the video of Zaya talking about the announcement, saying “She’s compassionate, loving, whip smart and we are so proud of her. It’s Ok to listen to, love & respect your children exactly as they are. Love and light good people.”

NBA legend Dwyane Wade just revealed his 12-year-old now identifies as female … saying his child asked him and his wife, Gabrielle Union, to call her Zaya.

“Zion, born as a boy, came home and said, ‘Hey, so, I want to talk to you guys. I think going forward I’m ready to live my truth.” Wade said on “The Ellen Show.”

“And, I want to be referenced as she and her. I would love for you guys to call me Zaya.'”

Wade discussed his support for Zaya and the LGBTQ+ community in a powerful interview with Ellen DeGeneres … saying he and Gabrielle couldn’t be more proud of her.

“We take our roles and responsibilities as parents very seriously. So, when our child comes home with a question … it’s our job as parents to listen to that to give them the best information that we can, the best feedback that we can, and that doesn’t change now that sexuality [and gender] is involved.”

Wade has been incredibly outspoken about his support for Zaya … and clapped back at people criticizing her in a family photo back on Thanksgiving

Stupidity is a part of this world we live in — so I get it. But, here’s the thing — I’ve been chosen to lead my family, not y’all,” Wade said at the time.

“So we will continue to be us and support each other with pride, love & a smile!”

In fact, Union and Zaire Wade took Zaya to the Miami Pride parade back in 2019.

Wade went on to explain, “I looked at her and said you are a leader … It’s our opportunity to allow you to be a voice. Right now, it’s through us because she’s 12 years old, but eventually, it will be through her.”